Numbers for cases of emergencis and acute crises

Here you will find not only the usual emergency numbers but also the numbers of the psychiatric emergency services and the social psychiatric services, which are there for you at times when the (psychological therapeutic counseling for students) ptb is closed.

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  1.   Police and emergency services
  2.   Psychiatric emergency services
  3.   Social psychiatric counseling centers
  4.   Pasterol care
  5.   Victim emergency helpline
  6.    Poison emergency call
  7.    Ambulance service
  8.    Hannover Medical School

Police and ambulance

Fire brigade/emergency doctor/ ambulance
Phone 112
Reachability: 24h/7 days

Phone 110
Reachability: 24h/7 days

Central Police Station
Herschelstr. 35
30159 Hannover
Phone. +49 511 109-6215

Police department, Nordstadt
Bodestrasse 6
30167 Hannover
Phone +49 511 109-3115

Psychiatric emergency services

Psychosocial/psychiatric crisis service in the Hannover Region

The psychosocial/psychiatric crisis service in the Hannover Region helps people at weekends (including Friday afternoons) and on public holidays in the event of:

  • psychological crises
  •  suicidal thoughts
  • acute life crises

by providing expert advice and help free of charge. The staff is bound to professional secrecy.
Phone +49 511 30033470
Office hours: Fri: 3-8 p.m.; Sat, Sun, holidays: 12-8 p.m.


Medical on-call service
You can reach the medical on-call service under the nationwide telephone number 116117. Throughout Germany, physicians in private practice are on call to treat patients in urgent medical cases on an outpatient basis - even at night, on weekends and on public holidays.

Social psychiatric counseling centers
The Social Psychiatric Service provides outpatient support services for mentally ill people and their relatives in the Hanover Region. In addition to counseling, care and crisis intervention, the assistance offered also includes long-term care planning for the mentally ill. A more detailed description of the tasks of the individual counseling centers can also be found on the homepage of the city of Hanover here. Which counselling center is the proper one for you depends on where you live.

Social psychiatric counseling center, Mitte
Vahenwalder Str. 4
30165 Hannover
Phone +49 511 616-42598
Responsible for Brink-Hafen, Burg, Hainholz, Herrenhausen, Ledeburg, Leinhausen, Marienwerder, Mitte, Nordhafen, Nordstadt, Oststadt, Stöcken, Vahrenwald, Vinnhorst

Social psychiatric counseling center Freytagstr.
Freytagstr. 12A
30169 Hannover
Phone +49 511 616-43837
Responsible for Bemerode, Bult, Calenberger Neustadt, Döhren, Mitte, Mittelfeld, Seelhorst, Südstadt, Waldhausen, Waldheim, Wülfel, Wülferode

Social psychiatric counseling center Plauener Straße
Plauener Street 12A
30179 Hannover
Phone +49 511 616-48405
Responsible for Bothfeld, Isernhagen-Süd, Sahlkamp, Vahrenheide, Vahrenwald

Social psychiatric counseling center Deisterstraße
Deisterstr. 85A
30449 Hannover
Phone +49 511 616-44443
Responsible for Ahlem, Bornum, Davenstedt, Mühlenberg, Limmer, Linden-Nord, Linden-Mitte, Linden-Süd, Oberricklingen, Ricklingen, Wettbergen

Social psychiatric counseling center List
Podbielskistraße 158
30163 Hannover
Phone +49 511 616-23910
Responsible for Groß-Buchholz, List, Zoo, Oststadt

Social psychiatric counseling center Groß-Buchholz
Rotekreuzstr. 12
30627 Hannover
Phone +49 511 616-23990
Responsible for Anderten, Heideviertel, Kirchrode, Kleefeld, Lahe, Misburg-North, Misburg-South

Social psychiatric counseling center Ronnenberg-Empelde
Chemnitzerstr. 2
30952 Ronnenberg
Phone +49 511 616-21900
Responsible for Barsinghausen, Gehrden, Ronnenberg, Seelze, Wennigsen, Hannover-Badenstedt

Social psychiatric counseling center Burgdorf
Schillerslager Str. 38
31303 Burgdorf
Phone +49 511 616-26545
Responsible for Burgdorf, Lehrte, Sehnde, Uetze

Social psychiatric counseling center Neustadt am Rübenberge
Ernst-Abbe-Ring 8
31535 Neustadt am Rübenberge
Phone +49 511 616-26544
Responsible for Garbsen, Neustadt, Wunstorf

Social psychiatric counseling center Laatzen
Würzburger Str. 17
30880 Laatzen
Phone +49 511 616-26515
Responsible for Hemmingen, Laatzen, Pattensen, Springe

Social psychiatric counseling center Langenhagen
Ostpassage 7A
30853 Langenhagen
Phone +49 511 616-26506
Responsible for Burgwedel, Isernhagen, Langenhagen, Wedemark

Social psychiatric counseling center for children, adolescents and their families
Podbielskistr. 164 (OE 52.90.06)
30177 Hannover
Phone +49 511 616 26535
Responsible for the entire Hannover region
Office hours: Mon-Thu: 9 a.m.-3 p.m.; Fri: 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care refers to the personal spiritual accompaniment and support of a person, especially in life crises, by an appropriately trained pastor, usually a clergyman of the respective denomination or religion.

Telephone counselling
0800 111 0 111
0800 111 0 222
116 123

Victim emergency helpline
The Victim Helpline sees itself as a central point of contact for people who have been directly or indirectly affected by a crime. Victims of crime as well as their relatives receive legal, psychosocial and practical information at the victim emergency helpline

Victim emergency helpline (Weißer Ring) - help for victims of crime
Phone 116 006

Women's emergency helpline Hannover
Tel. +49 511 33 21 12
Office hours: Mon: 4-8 p.m.; Fri: 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
Otherwise use answering machine - daily callback!

Mannigfaltig Institute and Association for Boys' and Men's Work
The Mannigfaltig Institute and Association for Boys’ an Men’s Work offers counseling for boys and young men from the ages of 6 to 27 years. The institute offers counseling in:

  • case of direct or indirect involvement in physical and sexualized violence  in case of exclusion and (cyber) bullying
  • on boys' issues, men's issues and miscellaneous issues
  •  Discrimination
  • conflicts at school and at home
  • problems with sexuality / sexual orientation

Lavesstr. 3
30159 Hannover
Phone +49 511 458 21 62
Office hours: Mon: 3-5 p.m.; Thurs: 10 a.m.-12 p.m.

Poison Information Center
A Poison Information Center provides telephone medical advice to lay persons and health care professionals (physicians as well as nurses in medical practices, emergency departments, and intensive care units of hospitals) in cases of poisoning and suspected poisoning.

Poison Information Center North (University Hospital Göttingen)
Tel. +49 551 192 40
Availability: 24h/7 days

Patient transport
Phone +49 511 647 6064

Hannover Medical School (MHH)
Carl-Neuberg-Str. 1
30625 Hanover
Tel. +49 511 532-0