Grow – get ready, overcome worries

Grow – get ready, overcome worries!

When handling study projects time- and self-management are necessary tools in order to achieve study goals. But what to do when there are work difficulties, when there is a lack of structure and motivation, when there is writer's block and when the fear of not being good enough gains the upper hand?

In this group students can receive help in developing, coping with and completing clearly defined and time-limited study projects such as term papers, presentations, reports, etc. The small group provides support in the implementation of the upcoming tasks and enables an exchange about one's own work strategies and how to deal with work struggles. Depending on your needs, we will also deal with questions about handling expectations and gratifications. A preliminary talk is required for participation, which you can arrange at the ptb secretariat.

This offer is financed by the Studentenwerk!


Agnes Pöltl, Psychologin M.Sc., Psychologische Psychotherapeutin


Mon 10 to 12 o'clock, Start: As soon as there are enough registrations.